this could change things...

outdoor  mod podge!
say what!
i love regular mod podge, but.
this means you can do things like...
 these super cute birdhouses.
oohh. what should i do first? my birdhouses? 
oh. or maybe my mailbox?



that floor...

makes my heart skip a beat
and my mind race...
maybe faux bois on the back porch floor?
white on black.
or maybe black on white.
like this richard woods design:
and when i make up my mind...
of course, martha has a tool at home depot for it:
i think i know what my next project is.


we love tacos.

yep. you read that right.
we put just about anything in a corn tortilla.
here are recipes for a few of our favorites:

and last but not least...
mary clare's sleepover favorite:


happy third purrrthday...

to our sweet sweet alice.
yep. we are those people

i'm consumed...

the deep parted ponytail.
the j crew baseball tee.
the sunglasses.
perfect. classic. cool.
(photo & how to for the ponytail from a cup of jo)

well, hello again.

ok. it has been a really long time since the last post.
no excuse. really.
here's to a fresh start.


new year...

new wishes on the tree.
(& a few ladybugs for luck)


this house makes me happy...

white walls...
spot on color combos, stripes, polka dots...
and that pink smeg fridge...
see more at house beautiful.


yes. please.

in orange, or maybe green?
basic french is the place.